“Elevating the Skies: Changing the Face of the Aviation Industry”

Thursday, July 4, 8:00 AM

Sharing her own journey of overcoming fear and helping others do the same through the tool of aviation, Kendra Kincade is rooted in positivity and empowerment. Kendra has a talent for inspiring and motivating audiences as she shares her journey from homelessness to controlling the skies. She captivates her audiences with her contagious enthusiasm, leaving them impassioned to proactively embrace change and soar through their own challenges.

Kendra Kincade is an accomplished Canadian Air Traffic Controller, Honorary Colonel of the RCAF 417 Helicopter Squadron, and Director/Executive Producer of the documentary "Only Up." As Founder and President of Elevate Aviation, she has created the groundbreaking Elevate Aviation Learning Centre, fostering inclusivity in aviation for women and historically underrepresented individuals. Recently appointed Chair of the Alberta Aviation Council, Kendra is the first woman to hold this position in its 60-year history. Her remarkable achievements epitomize her commitment to advancing the aviation industry and promoting diversity.

“This Girl’s On ‘Fires’”


Thursday, July 4, 9:15 AM

Wildfires in the northern hemisphere are growing in frequency and intensity, and can quickly endanger people’s lives, homes and livestock. Fighting these fires is an orchestra of movement and coordination. Ground teams, helicopters, bird dogs and tankers all need to work together quickly and safely. As a C130 tanker pilot, Angela works as a part of an amazing team fire-fighting team dropping retardant in support of the ground crews. Join Angela as she takes you into the world of aerial firefighting!

Angela has been flying for 30 years in a variety of roles that have taken her all over the world, from Canada to Saudi Arabia, the Maldives, Burma, Chile, Australia, Africa and the USA.

“Improving General Aviation Safety:
 Learning From the Mistakes of Others”


Thursday, July 4, 9:15 AM

Kathy will outline the common types of GA accidents and the factors leading to such accidents using information gathered from Transport Canada (the Canadian equivalent of the FAA) and case studies based on investigations conducted by Canada’s TSB (equivalent to the U.S. NTSB). Participants will be encouraged to share practices they have adopted to reduce the risk of accident and recommendations based on safety lessons they have learned.

Kathy Fox has jumped out of airplanes, controlled airplanes, and flown airplanes as a flight instructor and charter pilot. With over 50 years’ experience in the aviation sector, Kathy has flown more than 5000 hours; previously served as VP, Operations at NAV CANADA; and currently serves as Chair of Canada’s TSB. Amongst many accolades, Kathy was inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame (2016) and the WAI Pioneer Hall of Fame (2018).

“From Grade 4 to CEO”

Catherine Press

Thursday, July 4, 10:45 AM

Cathy’s journey defied convention and took her to great heights.  Having left school after grade four to pursue flying lessons, Cathy's determination and entrepreneurial spirit have led her to become the CEO of a large and thriving flight school. Join Cathy as she tells her story of passion and focus to achieve her aviation goals when the odds were against her.

When only nineteen years old, Cathy achieved a rare milestone, becoming the first-ever female helicopter flight instructor in Canada. Her passion for aviation and unwavering dedication have shaped her life and inspired countless others to reach for the skies. Cathy's story is a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of one's dreams.

“Back in the Air, After a Scare”

Colette Morin

Thursday, July 4, 10:45 AM

Colette’s biggest fears as a pilot were having an aviation accident, losing a friend in an accident, or having a medical issue that affected her aviation medical. If one of those occurs, how do you cope and get back in the air again?   Colette will share her story and anecdotes from others who have faced these challenges, fought through them, and learned once again to spread their wings and fly!

Colette began flying at 26 for fun, but her hobby soon turned into a lifestyle and full-time business venture. She is the sole Owner, Chief Pilot and Chief Flight Instructor of Glacier Air in Squamish, BC. Over the past 30 years, Colette has flown 5000+ hours, primarily single engine, VFR mountain flying throughout Western Canada, and has also flown across the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and Jamaica.  As a volunteer time as a CASARA search pilot, she takes great pleasure in introducing females to the aviation industry and enjoys encouraging and mentoring pilots of all ages.


“Empowering Women to Lead the Next Generation of the RCAF"

Major-General J.R. Speiser-Blanchet, CD

Deputy Commander, Royal Canadian Air Force


Friday, July 5, 8:00 AM

Major-General Speiser-Blanchet enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990 and graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in 1994 with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Earning her pilot wings in March 1996, she joined 1 Wing where she qualified on the CH146 Griffon helicopter. Her operational and staff postings include 430e Escadron tactique d’hélicoptères in Valcartier, 1 Wing Headquarters in Kingston, 1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters in Winnipeg and 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron in Gagetown.

Major-General Speiser-Blanchet deployed as a helicopter pilot during United Nations and NATO missions in Haiti and Bosnia and was appointed Deputy Commander (Operations) for Joint Task Force-IMPACT in Kuwait. In Canada, she has deployed on domestic operations in response to regional emergencies and in support to other government agencies.

Major-General Speiser-Blanchet has commanded at multiple levels throughout her career, including 403 Squadron, the Canadian Forces Intelligence Group and the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group. She has served in strategic staff appointments as military assistant to the Minister of National Defence and as the Special Advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff.

A graduate of the Joint Command and Staff Program (JSCP) and the Defence and Strategic Studies Course (DSSC) in Australia, she holds a Masters degree in Defence Studies from RMC and a Masters degree in Politics and Policy from Deakin University. She was recently promoted to her current rank and appointed to the position of Deputy Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

With three children, she and her husband, Janin Blanchet, are always busy.

“Things She Sees as a DPE”

Judy Phelps

Friday, July 5, 8:30 AM

Have you ever wanted to ask a DPE a question and not be judged?  This is your opportunity! A Designated Pilot Examiner, Flight Instructor, and Flight School owner, Judy will discuss the process of preparing for a flight test. She will share hurdles that can be encountered during the process and give suggestions on how to address them. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. 

Judy Phelps is a Designated Pilot Examiner, Gold Seal Flight Instructor and Master CFII-Aerobatic.  She is the co-owner of CP Aviation, a flight school in Santa Paula, CA.  She was the 2011 National Certified Flight Instructor of the year and has flown over 12,000 hours.  She has been active member of the Ventura County chapter of the Ninety Nines since 1999.

“Flying for a Cause” – Triple Feature!

Friday, July 5, 8:30 AM

Discover the transformative power of flying for a purpose.  Join these three presenters as they explore the dynamic intersection of aviation and altruism, showcasing the innovative ways in which new horizons are unlocked by flying for nonprofit organizations. From rescue animals to non-urgent medical transportation, learn how they impact humanitarian efforts. Through captivating narratives, they will demonstrate how collaborations with non-profit organizations make a lasting difference for those in need. Whether you're passionate about aviation, philanthropy, or both, this presentation will illuminate the boundless potential of taking flight for the greater good.

"Taking Flight for Volunteer Organizations”

 Eve Lopez

Eve Lopez is a CFI/CFII and an attorney.  She is a member of the Los Angeles 99s and flies for three organizations which support aviation and philanthropy- Angel Flight West, Pilots N Paws and Young Eagles. 

“Hope Is In The Air”

Lise Ash

In Canada, healthcare is universal, but access is not. For the 30% of Canadians who live outside of urban centers, medical care can be difficult or impossible to access. With a background in nursing, and a love of aviation, Lise is passionate about marrying these two worlds.  Learn how Hope Air provides access to the healthcare Canadians need regardless of where they live or their financial status.

Lise is a member of Hope Air’s National Advisory Board and flies her Cessna 182 Amphibian in their annual fundraising expeditions, raising much-needed funds and recruiting other pilots to give back in the same way.

“Amelia Air: Flying Shelter Pets to Freedom”

 Petra Janney

Petra always dreamt of learning to fly, but she never had a mission – until 2019, when pilot Dean Heistad shared how he had rescued their family dog, Amelia, in a Cessna. Petra saw a chance to leverage the aviation community to help more at-risk animals, and Amelia Air was born. Five years and thousands of rescued animals later, Petra shares her story to help others take to the skies, reimagine their potential, and find a purpose that powers their lives.

Petra Janney is a pilot, nonprofit leader, and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. Her charity, Amelia Air, has flown thousands of pets to freedom in the US and Mexico since its inception in 2019. Petra is currently developing a software platform to remove barriers to pet adoption.